Fishing Seasons and Permitted Methods

This is a guide only.

Full details of national byelaws are to be found on the Environment Agency website, including what methods are legal or not; Click Here
Please note that all salmon caught before June 15th must be released.
You are always encouraged to release all fish and to use barbless hooks.

The size limit for salmon is 30cm, bag limit two.
The first salmon caught must be released, the second may be kept, the third released, the fourth may be kept and all others must be released.
The size limit for sea and brown trout is 23cm; (21cm in Gwynedd area)


Season on Rivers for Brown trout

On all rivers the open season runs between March 3rd and September 30th. The exceptions are on the Mawddach below
Llanelltyd Bridge and on the Wnion below Dr William's School footbridge when the start is delayed until May 31st.

Any legal method is allowed but some clubs impose their own local restrictions.

Season for Grayling and Coarse fish

The Dee is one of the best rivers in the country for grayling and it is the only river available in our area for
fishing these queens of the stream. Grayling and coarse fish may be fished throughout the winter.

The close season is between March 15th and June 15th. Any legal method is allowed.

A recent national byelaw aimed at conserving stocks restricts bags to two grayling on any given day and these must
be between 30cm and 38cm measured from snout to fork of tail.


These are normally privately owned and stocked with rainbow and sometimes other trout varieties.
The owners set the rules for seasons and methods. Most are open for fishing all year round.

Brown Trout